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Short-term Prognostic Effects of Ultraearly Rehabilitation Nursing on the Patients with Acute Pontine Infarction Short-term Prognosis

Qiuya Ye1*, Xuehai Lv1, Zhijuan Guo1, Lijuan Feng2, PP. 11-13,Volume 8,Issue 4, 2019/8/15

Optimization Design of Campus Lighting Energy Saving System based on PLC

Ran Ye, PP. 17-21,Volume 8,Issue 4, 2019/8/15

Development of Sports Tourism under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization

Liang Luo1, Xu Wang1,2, Dongyun Fan3*, PP. 22-26,Volume 8,Issue 4, 2019/8/15

Current Situation and Cultivation of College Students' Dedication Values

Xiaohong Wan, PP. 27-29,Volume 8,Issue 4, 2019/8/15

Virtual Modularization Strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility in Manufacturing Industry

Shuguang Guo1, Ye Wang2, PP. 30-32,Volume 8,Issue 4, 2019/8/15

Research on the Curriculum of Fine Arts Universities based on Internet+

Shu Li, PP. 37-38,Volume 8,Issue 4, 2019/8/15