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Study on Optimization of Subway and Bus Lines

Jiani Dai, PP. 1-3,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Research on Development Model of Heat Supply

Muratbekov Bakhram, PP. 4-6,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Collaborative Management Model of Construction Project based on BIM

Qianqian Zhang, PP. 11-14,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Design of Mechanical Transmission Control System for Medium and Small Logistics

Dalong Liu, Yanfang Pan, Liwe Li, PP. 15-18,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Application of Mechanical Vapor Recompression in Concentration of Dilute Brine

Huizhong Cao, Luwei Yang, Zhentao Zhang, Xiaohua Wu, PP. 19-25,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Study on the Concept of Green City and Its Planning and Design Methods

Yuchen Zhang, PP. 26-28,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Research on Valid Data Automatic Collection Technology in Dynamic Land Information System

Yongfeng Wang1, Guangzhou Chen1, Bingyi Wang2, PP. 29-32,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

Operating Characteristics of Mechanical Vapor Recompression Heat Pump Evaporator System

Huizhong Cao, Luwei Yang, Zhentao Zhang, Xiaohua Wu, PP. 33-39,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/4/15

The Research of Green Buildings

Hu Wang , PP. 41-44,Volume 3,Issue 2, 2018/4/15